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A recent post by Pakistani actor-model Nadia Hussain has divided the internet with varied takes on the country’s largest city, Karachi. Taking to the Instagram grid, the actor shared a post remarking, “My city Karachi, a stinky bloody dump,” with two broken red heart emojis relaying her dismay.

In the post’s caption, Nadia addressed her followers, “Who agrees with me?” Responding to the celeb’s question, fans took to the replies with agreement on Karachi’s state of disarray. “Trust me… I cry every time I visit. No one is sincere with the city. No one listens to us when we raise our voices. Who is there for Karachi?” one IG user penned emotionally.

As per another, “Unfortunately, it is the truth. My heart bleeds for its beauty to be revived.” One user pinned the responsibility on the citizens, “Well, for that, I guess everyone who lives there is responsible. As a resident, everyone should take part in improving the state of your city.”

However, not everyone reacted to Nadia’s post in kind. “We should be grateful that we have independence, that no one is taking our land and that we aren’t going through a horrific genocide,” one critic alluded to Israel’s brutality against Palestinians. Another user offered, “Maybe you should move to Islamabad.”

Joining the barrage of replies, one user commented, “If you don’t like it then leave it but don’t badmouth the city. This is where you earn and this is the city which feeds the whole country. Stop this negative mindset. We love Karachi.”

Born in London due to her father’s association with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Nadia offered insights into her multifaceted life in a recent interview with host Frieha Altaf. Having spent her initial years at Sea View, Nadia recalled her fearless approach to life, even jogging on the streets despite safety concerns.

She emphasised her non-conventional upbringing, marked by freedom, and mentioned her familial connection to renowned singer Tina Sani. “I don’t come from that conventional, conservative kind of background. I’ve always had freedom,” Nadia shared.

The conversation took a serious turn as Nadia recounted an unsettling incident of being followed at Sea View. Despite seeking help from a policeman, she was shocked when he seemingly sided with the stalker, underlining the challenges women face regarding safety in the city.

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