Home Lifestyle Never say never: Mawra Hocane talks Bollywood prospects | The Express Tribune

Never say never: Mawra Hocane talks Bollywood prospects | The Express Tribune

Never say never: Mawra Hocane talks Bollywood prospects | The Express Tribune


Pakistani actor Mawra Hocane recently engaged with her fans on Instagram, addressing their questions and sharing insights into her life. In a series of responses on her Instagram Story, Mawra offered a glimpse into her thoughts, expressing gratitude, leaving the possibility open for Bollywood projects, and delighting in her new role as a ‘khala‘ (maternal aunt).

When asked about her current wishes, Mawra responded with humility and contentment, stating, “I do not have any more wishes. Allah has given me more than I ever wished for in every possible way… I am just grateful and trying to do my best with all I’ve got. Alhumdulillah.” Her response reflected a deep sense of gratitude for the blessings in her life and a commitment to making the most of them.

Responding to a question from a loving Indian fan about the prospect of seeing her in Bollywood movies soon, Mawra kept the door open, saying, “Never say never. ‘Whatever will be will be.'” This response has intrigued fans, sparking curiosity about potential future ventures in the Indian film industry.

The actor also shared her feelings after becoming a ‘khala,’ expressing continuous joy with a simple yet heartfelt statement, “Been smiling…day in…day out. Alhumdulillah.” This revelation gives followers a glimpse into Mawra’s happiness and fulfilment in her new role as an aunt.

One of the most heartwarming moments came when Mawra shared an image of a video call with her niece, Aara, the daughter of her sister Urwa Hocane and musician Farhan Saeed. When asked about meeting little Aara, Mawra shared the joy of their virtual encounter, writing, “This is when I first saw her virtually. Smiling ear to ear. And clearly, I cannot wait!” The emotional connection and anticipation conveyed in this response resonate with fans who appreciate Mawra’s openness about her family bonds.

In this interactive session with fans, Mawra not only provided personal insights but also left followers intrigued about potential future projects. Her expressions of gratitude, openness to new opportunities, and joy in familial relationships resonate with fans, creating a stronger connection between the actor and her audience.

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