Home Lifestyle Rabya thinks feminism, Aurat March are limited to hating men | The Express Tribune

Rabya thinks feminism, Aurat March are limited to hating men | The Express Tribune

Rabya thinks feminism, Aurat March are limited to hating men | The Express Tribune


In a recent episode of the Adnan Faisal Podcast, Rabya Kulsoom shared her thoughts on feminism and the Aurat March movement in Pakistan, expressing concern over the way feminism is perceived and conveyed in the country. “Feminism is being mistreated here, as per what I think,” she said.

She began by lamenting the mistreatment of feminism in Pakistan, noting that it is often misunderstood or misrepresented. She highlighted that, in her view, it is women who mistreat the concept of feminism rather than men.

The actor emphasised the importance of feminism as a vital topic but expressed dismay that its message fails to reach those for whom it is intended. She criticised the messaging of certain placards seen at Aurat Marches, citing examples such as “Find your own sock,” which she believed could perpetuate harmful stereotypes and lead to increased violence against women.

“I feel that feminism is a very important topic,” Rabya began. She added, “Feminism is not reaching those whom it is for. If a man in the interior sees a placard that says, ‘Find your own sock’… what impression will it give him? Do you think the right message has been conveyed where it is needed? And if it did reach there, it went in a way very wrong way. He will beat his wife three more times reading that placard.”

Rabya stressed that feminism extends far beyond domestic chores and should encompass broader issues such as women’s rights to education and career advancement. “Come out of picking up socks and warming your own food. Please. Feminism is beyond this. It is vast and bigger than this. You’ve changed the meaning at the start,” remarked Rabya. 

She voiced her support for the Aurat March but expressed disapproval of its current direction, which she felt focused excessively on hating men rather than advocating for women’s rights. According to Rabya, the essence of Aurat March should revolve around empowering women rather than vilifying men. She questioned the efficacy of messages urging women to neglect their domestic duties, arguing that such rhetoric deviates from the true essence of feminism and Aurat March.

“I’m game for Aurat March but the direction in which it’s going, I do not like,” stated Rabya. “Aurat March does not mean hating men. Aurat March is for women’s rights. Right to education, where you can’t stop your daughter from studying. You will not stop your daughter from working or getting ahead in her career. Our feminism and our Aurat March are limited to men and hating them. ‘Don’t take care of your husband or search for or wash his clothes, don’t give him breakfast.’ Is this feminism? What nonsense is this?” asked the actor. 

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