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Two weeks into 2024 and Pakistan’s music scene is already setting an ambitious pace for the year. From Ali Sethi teaming up with Jonita to Karachi-based AUR bagging a collab with Zayn Malik, few developments can parallel the hype generated by musical crossovers. As avid listeners cross their fingers in anticipation of what innovation a joint effort will yield, the stakes remain higher than ever.

Unless it’s a collab between Hasan Raheem and Abdul Hannan, two artists who have made minimalism their brand. Released on January 15, Zaalima is a catchy love song, marked by a simple yet infectious chorus that will likely animate many reels, vlogs and party playlists this year.

Hasan and Abdul join creative forces to produce a smooth fusion of hip-hop and disco elements. Supported by a straightforward rhythm, the simplicity of the drum arrangement is easily the backbone of the track’s overall catchiness. Zaalima allows both singers to shine with their vocal performance, a confident delivery that is never in discord with or overshadowed by instrumentation.

There is no denying that the low-effort camaraderie both on and off the record is endearing. A day after the song’s release, the Joona singer took to X (formerly Twitter) to make a brief and casual announcement of the song. Produced by Shahmeer Raza with 3 Launday helming the direction of photography, Zaalima’s music video finds the trio caught in the act of recording, arranging and editing the song.

From settling into a quaint mountainside cabin to finding their way in the kitchen amid grocery supplies, the music video creates a homely feel. For the most part, the video carries an overlay similar to VHS stock footage that further alludes to an old-school bond between the musicians.

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