Home Lifestyle Rambo’s parents were scared of Sahiba as their daughter-in-law | The Express Tribune

Rambo’s parents were scared of Sahiba as their daughter-in-law | The Express Tribune

Rambo’s parents were scared of Sahiba as their daughter-in-law | The Express Tribune


In the realm of Pakistani entertainment, few couples have garnered as much acclaim and adoration as the veteran dynamic duo, Rambo and Sahiba. Renowned film stars who have seamlessly transitioned into television, the couple recently graced Alief’s morning show, offering fans a glimpse into their personal journey, shedding light on their love story and the challenges they overcame to build a successful union.

The revelation on the morning show included an anecdote from Rambo about the efforts he put into winning the approval of Sahiba’s mother. The couple’s on-screen chemistry eventually spilt over into real life as they worked together for a remarkable four years. Their union received the blessing of Nisho Jee, marking a significant milestone in their relationship before they finally tied the knot two years later.

During the show, Rambo candidly shared insights into the initial apprehensions within his own family regarding Sahiba becoming their daughter-in-law. “My parents were terrified,” shared the star. Hailing from a humble background in Abbottabad, Rambo’s parents were not accustomed to the glitz and glamour of the showbiz industry. The prospect of having a star like Sahiba join their family initially intimidated them.

Rambo’s family, described as simple and grounded, was cautious about how Sahiba, hailing from a family of stars, would adapt to their lifestyle. The seasoned actor revealed that his parents were dead scared about Sahiba becoming their daughter-in-law. The stark contrast between the two worlds — one immersed in the glitzy showbiz industry and the other rooted in simplicity — created a sense of uncertainty.

However, as the narrative unfolded, it became evident that Sahiba effortlessly endeared herself to Rambo’s family with her humility and genuine nature. “My family uses her as an example now,” shared the actor with pride. “They say that if they were tasked with finding a village or family girl for me, they would not have been able to find someone like her. You’ve brought a remarkable girl.” Thus, over time, Sahiba not only won their hearts but also formed a deep bond with Rambo’s family members. Their concerns were dispelled, and Sahiba’s presence became a source of joy and comfort for the family.

The couple’s journey is a testament to the power of love transcending societal expectations and industry glamour. Sahiba’s ability to bridge the gap between her star-studded background and Rambo’s family’s down-to-earth values showcases the strength of their relationship.

As Rambo and Sahiba continue to make waves in the entertainment industry, both on the silver screen and on television, their personal narrative adds an endearing layer to their public personas. Their journey from co-stars to life partners, overcoming familial apprehensions, resonates with fans and serves as an inspiring tale of love triumphing over differences.

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