Home Lifestyle Rohit Shetty on why he hasn’t worked with SRK since ‘Dilwale’ | The Express Tribune

Rohit Shetty on why he hasn’t worked with SRK since ‘Dilwale’ | The Express Tribune

Rohit Shetty on why he hasn’t worked with SRK since ‘Dilwale’ | The Express Tribune


Director-producer Rohit Shetty recently responded to a fan’s question about the perceived distance between him and Shah Rukh Khan due to their lack of collaboration in nearly a decade. The filmmaker found success with the 2006 film Golmaal, marking a significant breakthrough in his career. 

Subsequently, he collaborated with Bollywood icon Shah Rukh Khan in the movies Chennai Express in 2013 and Dilwale in 2015. However, the two stalwarts of the Indian film industry haven’t joined forces since, leading to speculation about potential discord. During a recent interview with The Lallantop, Shetty addressed these rumours and clarified the situation.

Shetty dismissed any notion of discord, stating, “There’s nothing like that.” He clarified that the key factor in their collaboration is finding a compelling story, emphasising that if a project comes along that surpasses the success of Chennai Express, he would be eager to work with Khan again. “If I get a good story, if we have to work together then it should be better than Chennai Express. The most important thing is that. If something like this comes then we will definitely work together,” Shetty declared.

Shetty also shared insights about his father, MB Shetty, a renowned stuntman in Bollywood. Recounting a tragic incident on the sets of Bombay 405 Miles, he revealed that a miscommunication during a stunt scene led to the death of a stuntman named Mansoor. Shetty’s father, who was supposed to give the signal for a petrol blast, accidentally tapped the wrong person, resulting in the stuntman catching fire. Taking responsibility, Shetty’s father faced personal and professional setbacks, eventually leading to his demise.

The director highlighted his father’s commitment to the workers in the film industry, actively participating in the fighters’ association. Despite the challenges, MB Shetty remained devoted to the welfare of his fellow workers. The director described how his father’s tragic mistake affected him, leading to a decline in his career and, ultimately, his untimely death a year later.

The interview provided a glimpse into the personal and professional challenges faced by Shetty’s family, shedding light on the complex dynamics within the film industry and the profound impact such incidents can have on individuals and their legacies.

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