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Sania Mirza breaks social media silence | The Express Tribune

Sania Mirza breaks social media silence | The Express Tribune


In a poignant return to Instagram, former Indian tennis star Sania Mirza shared a reflective moment following her ex-husband Shoaib Malik’s recent marriage to Pakistani star Sana Javed. Sania’s post, a photo in front of a mirror with a single-word caption, marked her first social media activity since the confirmation of her divorce from the former Pakistan cricket team captain.

The post came after a period of silence, during which Sania’s family announced the separation. Despite personal challenges, Sania celebrated as one of India’s greatest tennis players, continues to navigate her journey with resilience. Her post contained an image of her glancing at herself in the mirror. “Reflect,” she penned alongside.

On the other hand, musician Umair Jaswal, Sana’s former husband, also took to Instagram during this time, sharing a post where he expressed gratitude for a clear day and requested prayers for rain and those with respiratory issues. The singer shared an image of himself in white with a scruffy beard. He penned alongside, “Jummah Mubarak. Alhamdullilah for clear skies and a bright sunny day. Please do not forget to make special duas for rain in our country and for everyone suffering with respiratory issues. Allah sab ko shifa day (May God grant everyone healing). Aameen. Love and Light.”

These Instagram activities followed Shoaib and Sana’s public announcement of marriage, which led to speculation and curiosity about Sania and Umair’s responses. Throughout this period, Sania’s social media presence had been limited to posts on X (formerly Twitter), primarily related to her role as a broadcaster for the Australian Open. It’s noteworthy that Sania had posted cryptic stories on her Instagram account a few days before Shoaib announced his marriage, hinting at personal struggles.

In the aftermath of Shoaib’s announcement, Sania’s family released a statement confirming the couple’s separation. The statement emphasised Sania’s longstanding commitment to keeping her personal life private but acknowledged the need to share that she and Shoaib had been divorced for a few months. The couple, who had tied the knot in April 2010, has a five-year-old son named Izaan, currently residing with Sania.

Sania also took to her Instagram Story prior to the announcement of Shoaib and Sana’s marriage, where she unveiled her reflections on the challenges of marriage and divorce through a reshared Instagram post, stating, “Marriage is hard, Divorce is hard. Choose your hard.” Despite facing personal challenges, Sania continues to be a celebrated figure in Indian sports.

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