Home Lifestyle Shaan’s kind gesture saved Faysal Quraishi’s day | The Express Tribune

Shaan’s kind gesture saved Faysal Quraishi’s day | The Express Tribune

Shaan’s kind gesture saved Faysal Quraishi’s day | The Express Tribune


In a recent episode of a chat show with host Mohib Mirza, veteran Pakistani actor Faysal Quraishi opened up about a touching incident that occurred during a challenging financial period in his life. Faysal recounted how an unexpected encounter with Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid saved him on one particular day of wardrobe dysfunction.

He recalled, “This incident is from when I was going through a very tough financial patch. Things were very tight, sometimes there wasn’t even money for meals.” Describing his struggles with making ends meet, he shared, “In those days, I had work but my wardrobe was suffering. So I would borrow from friends and other places to make it work.”

The Bashar Momin actor reminisced about the day he was caught up filming a song when he bumped into Shaan right outside the studio. “So it happened that I was featuring in a song’s picturisation. I ran into Shaan right outside the studio,” 

Faysal continued. “He asked me what I was doing so I replied I was busy with a song picturisation. ‘But what are you wearing?’ he further asked…I was wearing a normal shirt and pants.” 

However, Shaan was quick to point out why Faysal should opt for a more pleasing fit. “It’s a film, it will only be released once and will be out there for the rest of your life, so you should wear a T-shirt and put on a leather jacket. You’ll look good,” the Raaz actor relayed what Shaan had said to him that day.

When Faysal candidly shared his situation, to his surprise, Shaan graciously offered him the clothes he was wearing at that time. “He was wearing that [the leather jacket and T-shirt]. So he said give me your shirt and I did. He took off his T-shirt and jacket and gave it to me, saying, ‘You wear this and note how good you look.’”

The Farq actor went on to express how this gesture of warmth and support from Shaan left a lasting impression on him, emphasising the kindness that can uplift others during challenging moments. “He probably doesn’t even remember that he extended such a big gesture to me,” Faysal added after praising him. 

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