Home Lifestyle Sydney Sweeney calls out dietician who claimed to work for her

Sydney Sweeney calls out dietician who claimed to work for her

Sydney Sweeney calls out dietician who claimed to work for her


Sydney Sweeney has set the record straight after an individual claimed to be her dietician for five years.

According to Bustle, the dietician posted an Instagram reel on 19 February but has since deleted it. “I was Sydney Sweeney’s dietician for five years, this is how I helped her get her dream role with five easy food swaps,” the caption read.

Within the short video, the dietician proclaimed that Kraft’s macaroni and cheese was one of the Euphoria star’s favourite dishes. “She wouldn’t stop talking about the last one,” the woman proclaimed. But her “food swapping” plan that she allegedly enforced with Sweeney meant she had to stop eating it. Food swapping is when you replace less healthy options with more nutritious alternatives to alter your diet.

The 26-year-old actress commented on the Instagram user’s post before they eventually took it down, clarifying the misinformation. “I don’t know you and Kraft mac and cheese is for life,” Sweeney remarked.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, fans of the Anyone But You lead complimented her for quickly shutting down the claim.

“Thank God she was caught,” one blunt person wrote, while another said: “Scam eliminated.”

“People used to get away with this but celebs are online way too much now for it to work,” a candid individual said.

Other bothered online users noted that this was a prime example of influencers using celebrities to promote harmful diet cultures on their platforms.

“I’m glad Sydney called them out because these influencers be saying anything,” one individual added.

A second commented: “I need more celebs to start calling out these liars trying to sell diet plans and courses using their names.”

During a 2023 interview with Bustle, Sweeney revealed the eating and drinking habits she actually keeps. “I only drink water. My parents loved coffee and soda, and I just was like, I can’t do it,” she admitted.

What’s more, a trip to the ice cream shop will always satisfy her sweet tooth and be her go-to activity when she has a break in her busy schedule. However, she doesn’t order just any basic flavour and topping combination.

“I like a waffle cone that has some chocolate around the top with some sprinkles and rainbow sugar ice cream with some gummy bears in it,” Sweeney explained.

When it comes to her meals, the Madame Web star likes salads, and to make sure she gets a piece of everything from the mixture with each bite. She also said she loves to add “some sort of protein, like salmon, chicken, or steak”.

“I’m a proportion person when it comes to salads — it has to have a little piece of everything in every bite. So if I finish my chicken and there’s still lettuce left, I have to get more chicken. I can’t eat just the lettuce,” she said.


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