This girl’s hospital visit for appendicitis ends in unexpected baby’s birth

Niamh Hearn’s life took twist in August 2022 when she landed in hospital, suspecting appendicitis but discovering she was in active labour

Niamh Hearn becomes mom unexpectedly without knowing her pregnancy. — Kennedy News

Can you imagine going to the hospital, convinced you have appendicitis, only to leave with a newborn baby in your arms? 

That’s exactly what happened to Niamh Hearn, a drama student at the age of 20. Her life took an astonishing twist in August 2022 when she landed in the hospital, suspecting appendicitis but discovering she was in active labour.

Niamh’s story unfolds with her admission to the hospital with severe stomach pains, initially thought to be related to appendicitis. Little did she know, she was carrying a full-term baby. 

The shocking revelation occurred during observations when the nurse informed her that she was in labour. Niamh, in disbelief, couldn’t fathom the idea until the nurse insisted they needed to move.

The incredible part? 

Niamh had been oblivious to her pregnancy, attributing the weight gain to what she thought was the usual university lifestyle. She admits to binge drinking and smoking throughout her pregnancy, attending festivals and pub crawls without realizing she was carrying her son.

In a whirlwind of events, Niamh gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Liam, just six hours later. 

Her unexpected journey continues as she navigates the challenges of being a young mother, having broken up with Liam’s dad four months prior.

Reflecting on the shocking turn of events, Niamh highlights the amazing support she received from her family during those initial weeks. Despite the initial shock, she embraces the joys of motherhood, grateful for the healthy and happy toddler Liam has become.

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