‘UFOs are ‘Extradimensional’ Angels’: Congressman Eric Burlison’s weird take shocks scientists


US Congressman Eric Burlison talking in the US Congress.—Reuters/file 

Congressman Eric Burlison (R-MO) has entered the UFO conversation with a surprising twist, suggesting that unidentified flying objects might be “angels” from an extradimensional realm, drawing a unique link between UFOs and religious concepts, Futurism reported.  

During an episode of That UFO Podcast, Burlison shared his unconventional perspective, emphasising the possibility of these entities being “extradimensional beings.”

While acknowledging that his notion doesn’t precisely align with the Biblical narrative, Burlison contended: “To me, it’s synonymous with an extradimensional being.” 

He proposed that considering these phenomena as extradimensional aligns with descriptions of messengers or angels in various scriptures, including the Bible.

Burlison’s musings come after attending a classified UFO briefing, though he stated that the information provided didn’t fundamentally alter his worldview. 

Expressing trust in the testimonies from a public hearing, he noted, “I believe the veracity of the claims of the people who testified.”

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