Home Lifestyle Waseem Badami lauds Shoaib Malik | The Express Tribune

Waseem Badami lauds Shoaib Malik | The Express Tribune

Waseem Badami lauds Shoaib Malik | The Express Tribune


In a recent enthusiastic appraisal, Pakistani TV host Waseem Badami was all praises for Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik for his exceptional performance in the ongoing Pakistan Super League 2024 as a part of the Karachi Kings. Badami, known for his fervent commentary, expressed his admiration, stating, “In Karachi Kings, Shoaib Bhai is playing very well, playing perfectly Shoaib Malik sahab is.”

The compliments continued as Badami highlighted Malik’s standout performance in a recent match, saying, “I’m talking about today’s match. In the match too, he’s played very well, and made 53 runs, but apart from that, no one has been able to come close to Shoaib Malik to this day. Meaning if we gave Shoaib bhai two chances, he would have taken the whole match.”

This commendation comes amid Malik’s noteworthy contributions to Karachi Kings, showcasing his skill and prowess on the cricket field. Beyond the cricket arena, the sportsman had been making headlines for his personal life, having entered into his third marriage in January with Pakistani actor Sana Javed.

In a move that surprised many, Malik announced his separation from former Indian tennis player Sania Mirza with a picture of his subsequent wedding to Javed.

Earlier this year, in a discussion featured on a podcast hosted by Syed Ali and Hina Altaf, the seasoned cricketer shared life advice centred on the fundamental principle of “following your heart” in the face of external opinions. He underscored the significance of giving precedence to individual aspirations and decisions, urging individuals to remain authentic and true to themselves, regardless of societal expectations.

According to Malik, the key is to pursue what one’s heart desires without being overly preoccupied with the opinions of others. He highlighted the inevitability of people talking, emphasising that even if one refrains from taking action, there will still be discussions and judgments. The cricketer’s advice encouraged individuals to focus on their own journey, even if it takes years to fully grasp the significance of following one’s heart and disregarding external influences.

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