WATCH: Winter storm turns New York restaurant into ‘Frozen’ castle

The video shows Hoak’s Lakeshore Restaurant in Hamburg, New York during a winter storm on January 15, 2024. — X/@weather_buffalo

A New York restaurant has turned into a castle, just like the one in which Frozen’s princess Elsa resides, after a lake-effect snowstorm covered the business, located on the shores of Lake Erie, Fox News reported.

Over the past few weeks, the United States has continuously battered with an extreme winter storm which is even freezing up buildings as shown in a viral video.

The Hoak’s Lakeshore Restaurant in Hamburg, a suburb of Buffalo in New York, was covered in snow after receiving a “small dose of an ice castle coating,” according to the restaurant’s post on Instagram.

The restaurant was closed Sunday due to a travel ban during a major winter storm, with over two feet of snow and 41.3 inches in Hamburg.

The business was impacted by winds and snow on Lake Erie’s northeastern shores with massive icicles and a thick coating of ice accretion.

However, a video that went viral online showed that the full ice castle transformation was completed with foot-long icicles dropping from the roof and from nearly every building surface on Monday.

Despite the newly-formed icy exterior, the business was open to customers, as the restaurant wrote: “Our ice castle today from our first storm of 2024. We are open!”

However, this isn’t the local staple’s first “ice castle” experience because, in December 2022, extreme cold waves coated Hoak’s Restaurant in layers of ice and damaged nearby businesses.

People in the Buffalo area continue to shovel the existing snow before more lake-effect snow is set to begin gripping the suburb on Tuesday.

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