Home Lifestyle Yasir Hussain turns heads in pink suit | The Express Tribune

Yasir Hussain turns heads in pink suit | The Express Tribune

Yasir Hussain turns heads in pink suit | The Express Tribune


Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain stole the spotlight at the premiere of his latest film, Taxali Gate, held in Lahore, as he confidently donned a striking Barbie pink suit. The actor, known for his bold fashion choices, shared a vibrant Instagram reel capturing his entrance to the event.

In the IG post captioned ‘Barbie Gate,’ Hussain showcased his playful and daring sense of style, accompanied by the title song of the film, Mera Haq Kidhar Hai by Pakistani rapper Eva B. The reel featured the actor striding into the premiere, the eye-catching pink suit making a bold statement against the backdrop of the event.

Eva B reacted to the reel with fire and clapping emojis whereas Hussain’s wife and actor Iqra Aziz quipped in the replies, “My baby or should I say Barbie?”


Hitting theatres on February 16, Taxali Gate is the latest offering from acclaimed director Abu Aleeha. As per the film’s trailer, audiences can expect an immersive journey through the cobblestone streets and historic confines of Lahore, unravelling a narrative intricately woven with the themes of consent and injustice.

Receiving rave reviews so far, this cinematic opus promises an unflinching examination of the silenced voices resonating within the walls of Lahore’s walled city. The film sets out to explore the intricate dynamics of consent and societal norms, presenting a formidable narrative against a backdrop of historical significance.

Ayesha Omar leads the film as a sex worker with a nuanced and deeply resonant portrayal. Her on-screen counterpart, Hussain, skillfully navigates the complex emotions of affection and societal expectations, refusing to formalize their bond through marriage due to the stigmas attached to her profession and the fact that she could lose her steady income if they were to marry. The chemistry between Omar and Hussain serves as a captivating focal point, promising a deeply emotional and thought-provoking exploration of societal norms and relationships.

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