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In the glittering world of fame and fortune, celebrities often navigate the complexities of finding love amid the flashing cameras and adoring fans. One celebrated actor fans cannot wait to find a perfect love match is Yumna Zaidi. Leading television star, now making a much-anticipated film debut with the upcoming cricket film Nayab, is in no rush to find her beau.

Making a guest appearance on a talk show with host Vasay Chaudhry, Yumna listed the few simple yet indispensable qualities the actor seeks in her future partner. “He has to be a good person by heart, must have a sharp mind, must be intelligent,” the Parizaad actor noted.

She underscored the importance of “good companionship,” highlighting its paradoxical nature, as only through spending time with someone can one truly evaluate such a prerequisite. 

Speaking about looks, Yumna made it clear that her prospective partner’s visual appearance needs to satisfy only her. However, the star contends that there’s no reference to indicate her preferences. “I can only know when I see,” she added.

In an earlier interview with host Nida Yasir, Yumna offered a candid insight into the multitude of marriage proposals she regularly receives and shared her thoughts on the prospect of finding an ideal life partner.

Despite such attention, Yumna humbly deflected the credit, stating, “I think those proposals go to my mother; they don’t come to me directly.” Acknowledging the affection and sincerity she receives from admirers, the actor expressed her gratitude, yet she confessed feeling a bit apprehensive about the topic. 

“I do have the kind of personality where people like me, and I’m very thankful for their sincerity and affection. A lot of people say this, but I am a bit scared of this question,” she added, shedding light on the cautious approach she maintains regarding such matters.

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