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Board’s coldness started to give Mohammad Hafeez negative signals

Board’s coldness started to give Mohammad Hafeez negative signals


The board’s coldness started giving negative signals to Mohammad Hafeez, the team director was not granted permission for a media conference from the PCB platform again, and even the appointed chief selector, Wahab Riaz, didn’t support the former captain.

According to the details, PCB appointed Mohammad Hafeez as the team director ahead of the tour of Australia and New Zealand. Hafeez concurrently assumed the position of head coach for both series. Zaka Ashraf, former Chairman of the Management Committee, aimed to secure a long-term contract with him, but government approval was not obtained. When Hafeez came back, he wanted to talk about why the team lost in a press briefing, but the board wouldn’t let him.

Former captains’ close sources say that he’s been told he can speak to the media if he wants, but not through the PCB’s channels. It seems like Hafeez is finding it tough to remain in his role and wants to talk to the new chairman about his future. Newly appointed PCB chief Mohsin Naqvi hinted at hiring a foreign coach from the beginning.

Sources further revealed that Mohammad Hafeez played a significant role in the appointment of Wahab Riaz as the chief selector. But now, they don’t agree with each other. Wahab felt bad because during a meeting with the Prime Minister about picking Salman Butt as a selector, Hafeez didn’t support him. Instead, Hafeez blamed Wahab for everything, even though Hafeez was on a video call during the meeting. He also kept getting too involved in selection matters as well. 

Interestingly, Wahab Riaz has a close relationship with Mohsin Naqvi. Both remained involved in the previous government as caretaker Ministers. Signs suggest that Wahab has also distanced himself from supporting Hafeez currently.

Senior players on the national team are upset with the team director’s strict behavior and decisions. The situation might become clear soon. 

Sources say that top senior officials of the board are working to keep in touch with people close to Mohsin Naqvi to make sure they keep their jobs. Upon coming to the office, COO Salman Nasir stays with them like a shadow. The chairman will also be relieved from the post of the chief minister and will be able to fully focus on the PCB after the election.