Imad Wasim opens up about return to International cricket

Former Pakistan all-rounder Imad Wasim has suggested the potential reversal of his retirement from international cricket.

In a recent interview with a local sports website, he conveyed his willingness to make a comeback to international cricket, citing specific conditions.

Despite making his retirement announcement in November 2023, Imad now hints that changing circumstances could see him returning to represent the national team on the field.

“Yeah, you never know. But I told you, like, the decision I took, I was 100% in it and at the end it was my decision. But you never know when Pakistan needs you, you have to do something about it,” Imad Wasim said.

The left-hand batter emphasized the importance of clarity in his role within the team, not necessarily as a skipper but as a senior player. 

He also desires responsibility that extends beyond just playing; he seeks a leadership role that involves shaping the team’s direction and strategy.

“The thing is what I want to know, it’s about the clarity. It’s about giving me responsibility, not as a captain but as a senior player, giving me responsibility to take the team where I want to take or where the group of senior players want to take,” he said.

“So I want Pakistan to play the right cricket, right combination, right type of cricket, right style of cricket, and that’s about it,” he added.

The 35-year-old made it clear that there’s nothing inherently wrong with taking retirement and acknowledged that players may go through phases where they are not mentally present.

“There’s nothing wrong in taking retirements and there’s nothing wrong in being mentally not there. So, yeah, I’m really happy and I’m still happy. I’m playing cricket all over the world. I was playing before that as well. But, yeah, hopefully something good comes up soon,” Imad concluded.