Pro Bowl Games: Sunday’s flag football, skills, final results

ORLANDO, Fla. — The NFC leads the AFC 12-9 heading into the final day of the Pro Bowl Games on a breezy Sunday at Camping World Stadium.

The main event on Sunday is the flag football matchup in a 48-minute game (four 12-minute quarters), but there are also several other events that will take place throughout the afternoon. The gridiron gauntlet is a full-field race on an obstacle course featuring six players from each conference, and there is a best-of-three tug-of-war.

The linemen have their own event as well. Move the chains is a strength-and-speed competition in which each team of five players must move 3,000 pounds of weights off a wall and be the first team to pull that wall across the finish line.

The NFC built its lead at the skills competition on Thursday night, winning the precision passing, closest to the pin, and snap shots contests while the AFC won the high stakes (punt-catching) contest. The dodgeball competition ended in a tie.

Sunday’s coverage can be seen on ABC, ESPN and ESPN+.

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