Home Sports Super Bowl cities: The most popular locations for the championship game

Super Bowl cities: The most popular locations for the championship game

Super Bowl cities: The most popular locations for the championship game


The Super Bowl is coming to Las Vegas for the very first time in the upcoming championship game. 

Super Bowl LVIII will be held at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024, marking the first time the city has been host. Super Bowl LVIII will feature the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

The Chiefs come straight off a 2023 Super Bowl win. That game was played against the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.


In Super Bowl LVIII, the San Francisco 49ers will go up against the Kansas City Chiefs. (Perry Knotts/Getty Images)

Allegiant Stadium is the 27th venue to host a Super Bowl, according to USA Today. Over the years, there have been cities that have played host more than others. 

Here’s a look at the three cities that have held the most Super Bowls in history. 


So far, Miami has hosted more Super Bowls than any other city. There have been 11 games total held in the city. 

The first game held in Miami was in 1968 for Super Bowl II. This game was held at the Orange Bowl. The Green Bay Packers were seeking their second consecutive Super Bowl win, this time against the Oakland Raiders. The Packers were successful in their feat, beating the Raiders 33-14. Bart Starr, Green Bay’s quarterback, was named MVP for a second year for his stellar performance in this game. 

The following year, the Orange Bowl was the setting of the Super Bowl once again. This game was played between the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts. Joe Namath and the Jets were able to beat the Colts in a shocking outcome, as the Colts were heavily favored to take home the victory. The final score of the game was 16-7. 

The Orange Bowl was used three times in the 70s. The first was 1971, when the Colts beat the Cowboys 16-13, with a game-winning field goal in the last seconds of the game by Jim O’Brien.  

Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida

Miami has hosted the most Super Bowls of any other city. Hard Rock Stadium is the newest venue to host the championship game.  ( Al Bello/Getty Images)

In 1976, the Pittsburgh Steelers won a second Super Bowl in a row after beating the Dallas Cowboys in the Orange Bowl. In 1979, the Steelers beat the Cowboys 35-31. 

1989 marked the start of a new Miami stadium hosting the Super Bowl. From this year on, the remaining Super Bowl games held in Miami have been played at Hard Rock Stadium, although the venue went through many other names, including Joe Robbie Stadium, Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Dolphin Stadium, Land Shark Stadium, and Sun Life Stadium. It was 2016 when Hard Rock Stadium began to be used. 


After 1989, Super Bowl games have taken place at what is now Hard Rock Stadium in 1995. 2007, 2010 and 2020. 

New Orleans

New Orleans comes in right behind Miami, having hosted a total of 10 Super Bowls over the years. Most of the games have been held at Caesars Superdome, formally Louisiana Superdome and Mercedes-Benz Superdome, with three at Tulane Stadium. 

The 2025 Super Bowl is set to be played in New Orleans, so it will be tied with Miami once the game is played. 

The first New Orleans Super Bowl was in 1970 at Tulane Stadium. The game was held on Jan. 11, where the Chiefs beat the Minnesota Vikings 23-7. 

In 1972, a second Super Bowl was held at Tulane Stadium, in a match-up between the Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins. This game marked the first championship victory for the Cowboys, who beat the Dolphins by a large margin with a score of 24-3. 

The Steelers and Vikings played at Tulane Stadium on Jan. 12, 1975. The game was won by the Steelers, 16-6, marking the franchise’s first win. 

Super Bowl celebrations at Ceasers Superdome

The Patriots won their first Super Bowl in New Orleans in 2002.  (Al Bello/Getty Images)

What is now the Ceasars Superdome opened its doors in the summer of ’75, and became the venue of the remaining Super Bowl games held in the city. The first game held in the new venue was in 1978, when the Cowboys beat the Denver Broncos 27-10. Following that game were New Orleans Super Bowls in 1981, 1986, 1990 and 1997. 

In 2002, New Orleans welcomed the St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots for Super Bowl XXXVI. The Patriots won their first championship 20-17. 

2025 will be the first time the city has hosted a Super Bowl since 2013, when the Baltimore Ravens beat the 49ers 34-31.

Greater Los Angeles

On Jan. 15. 1967, the very first Super Bowl, then known as the NFL-AFL World Series Championship, was played at the Memorial coliseum in Los Angeles. 

This game was played between the Packers, led by Bart Starr, and the Chiefs.

The Packers were able to defeat the Chiefs 35-10.

Super Bowl VII was a historic match-up at the Memorial Coliseum. The Dolphins defeated the Washington Redskins 14-7 and became the only team in NFL history to finish an entire season undefeated.


On Jan. 9, 1977, the Raiders dominated the Vikings 32-14. Fred Biletnikoff had four catches for 79 yards and take home MVP honors. This game was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

The Steelers knocked off the Los Angeles Rams in this game, 31-19 on Jan. 20, 1980. While the game was played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, the Rams’ home field was at the Memorial Coliseum. Terry Bradshaw had 309 passing yards and two touchdown passes in the win.

Just a few years later, on Jan. 30, 1983, another Super Bowl was played at the Rose Bowl. Redskins running back John Riggins would run all over the Dolphins’ defense, scoring on a 43-yard touchdown. He would win Super Bowl MVP and finish with 166 rushing yards.

SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles

The first and only Super Bowl held at SoFi Stadium was in 2022, two years after the venue opened its doors.  (Brittany Murray/MediaNews Group/Long Beach Press-Telegram via Getty Images)

It took a while but the New York Giants finally won their first Super Bowl on Jan. 25, 1987, nullifying an early chance from Broncos star John Elway. Phil Simms won Super Bowl MVP thanks to three touchdown passes. The game was played at the Rose Bowl.

On Jan. 31, 1993, the Super Bowl played in the Los Angeles area was between the Cowboys and Buffalo Bills. Dallas demolished Buffalo 52-17. Troy Aikman had four touchdown passes on his way to being a Super Bowl MVP.


On Feb. 13, 2022, the Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals on their home turf at SoFi Stadium. 


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