Home World Did Donald Trump ignore his grandson during UFC match?

Did Donald Trump ignore his grandson during UFC match?

Did Donald Trump ignore his grandson during UFC match?


Former US president Donald Trump has been repeatedly seen in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) matches and he seems to love watching the fighting but his recent appearance raised eyebrows after he was greeted by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

A video released on social media showed Donald Trump entering the UFC event and being greeted by his supporters. As he meets with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, they present their son Joseph to meet his grandfather.

Rather than meeting his grandson, the 77-year-old business mogul moved forward and started meeting other people, leaving the 10-year-old kid behind with his parents. The former president did not acknowledge the kid standing there.

Ivanka was apparently angry over her father’s conduct and tried to console her son at UFC 299 in Miami before the video stopped.

It remains unclear what had happened at the moment but the kid was apparently hurt after he was not provided attention by his grandfather.

The former president has been coming to UFC fights regularly as he is described as a big fan by the UFC boss Dana White.

Last year, White had told reporters: “So this guy [Donald Trump] calls me twice a month and will talk to me for an hour about the fights that have happened,” adding that “he knows everybody, he knows what they did and who they fought last. He’s a huge fight fan. Loves this stuff.”


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