Influencer sparks controversy with bizarre ‘handbag drip’ video, drawing criticism from cancer survivors

Nati lies in bed with an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose, and a tube connects her arm to a reddish-pink Hermès handbag

An Italian fashion designer and digital entrepreneur has gone viral for posting a bizarre video showing herself hooked up to a “handbag drip”(L) and Nati appears to hold one of the handbags featured in her IV video (R).—Jam Press Vid

Italian fashion designer and digital entrepreneur Giulia Nati, 32, has stirred up controversy after posting a viral video on Instagram featuring herself connected to a “handbag drip,” the New York Post reported. 

In the video captioned, “I need a new wish,” Nati lies in bed with an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose, and a tube connects her arm to a reddish-pink Hermès handbag, mimicking an IV drip. The clip, showcasing seven more pricey Hermès purses on her bedside table, has garnered over 17,600 likes on Instagram.

However, the unconventional video has sparked criticism, particularly from cancer survivors who found it insensitive. Actress and reality star Carolina Marconi, a breast cancer survivor, expressed her disappointment in a comment, stating: “As a former oncology patient, this image doesn’t make me laugh. On the contrary, I find it very sad.”

Nati responded to the criticism, acknowledging Marconi’s experience and respecting her strength as a woman. She defended the video as a lighthearted attempt and explained her connection to the illness through her mother-in-law.

Despite the backlash, some individuals defended Nati’s video, including YouTuber Týnuš Třešničková, who praised the concept and criticised those lacking a sense of humour on the internet.

The controversy intensified as others shared their connections to cancer, with one person stating: “As the daughter of two cancer parents, you are more terrible than funny!!” Another urged empathy, saying: “I would take you on a tour of the oncology departments, and then like hell you would do this type of irony! That chair is a nightmare, and I don’t wish it on anyone, don’t be ironic, be human!”

Nati defended her post in an Instagram Story, pointing out the significant number of likes compared to the criticisms. She highlighted that 17,700 people approved of the video, contrasting with the 2,000 who disapproved among the 2,700 comments.

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