Is it really Barron Trump standing alongside Donald, Melania, Viktor Knavs?

Barron Trump looks to be towering over others in photo raising queries over his height

Former President Donald Trump stands with his wife Melania, second right, their son Barron and father-in-law Viktor Knavs at the end of the funeral for the former first lady’s mother Amalija Knavs, Thursday, Jan 18, 2024 at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach. — X/@ap

An image of former US President Donald Trump standing with former first lady Melania Trump, their 17-year-old son Barron Trump, and the former first lady’s father, Viktor Knavs, became popular on Reddit on January 18, 2024 — but is it real?

The teenager looks to be towering over the others in the photo. As of this writing, the post has 6,800 comments and 36,000 upvotes in less than 24 hours after it was posted, according to Snopes.

“I thought this was photoshop, what the hell?!” One of the top comments read. “Wasn’t that the little kid fighting to stay awake at Trump’s inauguration? That was…. 7 years ago. Oh.”

The picture is true; it was taken on January 18, 2024, by Associated Press photographer Rebecca Blackwell as part of a 16-photo series.

The event was Melania’s mother Amalija Knavs’s burial. She passed away on January 9, 2024, at the age of 78 from an unidentified illness.

The photo was taken after the four family members left the funeral service performed at the Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida.

The teenager, who was 10 years old in 2017 when his father took office, is, in fact, 6 feet 7 inches tall, according to news sources like the Hindustan Times, the Daily Mail, and the Palm Beach Post.

Additionally, he seems considerably taller than his father, who reports is 6 feet 3 inches tall. The height stated on his driver’s licence was actually 6 feet 2, according to a Politico report, raising some questions about the veracity of this figure.

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