‘Legging Legs’: What does dangerous new body image TikTok term mean?

“Why is there a new insecurity on this app every week?” A TikTok user wrote while addressing the new term

This combination of images shows a woman with “Legging Legs” and the TikTok icon displayed on a phone held in a person’s hand. — X/@taylorscoast, Unsplash

A new term, “Legging Legs”, is viral on TikTok sparking controversy among users who are redefining body image on the platform, Popbuzz reported.

“Legging Legs” is a term used to describe the apparent “perfect” shape legs for wearing leggings. Toned legs and a thigh gap are part of the criteria for the perfect legging legs.

Despite the term’s significant popularity on TikTok, it has been criticised by users for its harmful nature, as it creates insecurities among people of all ages.

They highlighted that the term may have a potential negative impact on mental health.

One user expressed concern for the children and teenagers on the app who might see the term and develop insecurities about a ridiculous body standard.

She wrote: “People are looking at these videos, and now in our society we have ‘perfect legging legs’. Like, you’re a girl, you wear leggings – perfect! You have perfect legging legs! Can we do better please? Because what are we teaching these kids and teens?”

Another video with over 300k likes was posted with the caption: “What are legging legs and why is there a new insecurity on this app every week?”

Responding to the videos, people in the comment section appear to agree with the users calling the term out and criticising those promoting it.

One user shared just how harmful social media apps can be when it comes to body image.

She wrote: “Literally, I never thought anything bad of having hip dips, I didn’t even know it was an insecurity until social media. Specifically TikTok.”

Several other people took the time to reassure those reading the comments: “Note for people who get nervous/anxious about how an outfit looks, majority of people are not paying attention. wear what makes u happy/comfy.”

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