Home World Notre Dame’s golden rooster crowns restored spire in Paris

Notre Dame’s golden rooster crowns restored spire in Paris

Notre Dame’s golden rooster crowns restored spire in Paris


Paris prepares for Notre Dame Cathedral’s grand reveal as iconic spire breaks free from scaffolding embrace

Notre Dame unveils magnificent spire five years after the fire gutted the building. — KVNU 

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris revealed glimpses of its restored glory after a catastrophic fire ravaged its splendor in April 2019.

The ongoing reconstruction project reaches a pivotal juncture as Paris eagerly anticipates its grand reopening on December 8. 

As the final pieces of scaffolding are carefully disassembled, the cathedral’s exterior is gradually unveiled, offering onlookers a glimpse of the meticulous restoration efforts. The newly installed golden rooster, symbolising a phoenix rising from its ashes, now graces the apex of the spire—a powerful emblem of Notre Dame’s triumphant resurrection.

Local resident Frederico Benani, whose window overlooks the cathedral, expressed the emotional impact of witnessing Notre Dame’s rebirth. “It’s much better than before. It gives us hope,” he shared, encapsulating the sentiments echoed throughout the city.

The restoration extends beyond the visible exterior, with a state-of-the-art anti-fire misting system installed beneath the cathedral’s roof—a proactive measure to safeguard this architectural jewel against future calamities. Additionally, efforts to recreate the original cross underscore the meticulous attention given to preserving Notre Dame’s historical identity.

As the city’s hosts the Olympics in July, the cathedral won’t open its doors to the public during the Summer Games. The external transformation promises to be a beacon of beauty, visible to the millions who will flock to the French capital.

The journey from devastation to reconstruction has been a collaborative effort, involving skilled artisans, engineers, and architects. 

In the words of project officials, the remaining process, albeit time-consuming, is crucial for ensuring the structural integrity and timeless beauty of this iconic cathedral. 


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