Salem man lives with ‘dead wife’ for 6 years, finally gets buried with her — Necrophilia?

Salem law enforcement found the wife’s body wrapped in a blanket and surrounded by herbs; no signs of necrophilia found

image of the trailer where Robert Rea lived with his dead wife. —JPA/file

Does a man’s love for his wife have no end?

In a surprising turn of events, a man in Salem, Ohio was found taking care of his ‘dead wife’ for six years, Cleveland news reported.

Law enforcement found the wife’s body wrapped in a blanket and surrounded by herbs, It was kept in pristine conditions.

John Rea called the police to investigate his father Robert Rea’s death but when the police arrived at his trailer to further probe they found his wife’s dead body along with him.

Rea lived on the 40-acre family farm with his wife Peggy. After searching the property, deputies found the body believed to belong to Peggy inside a trailer on the farm.

No signs of harm or abuse were found.

Sheriff Brian McLaughlin said that Robert Rea and his wife both appeared to have died of natural causes. The couple’s son told the investigators that his mother Peggy Rea died in 2017.

It was reported that the husband had been taking care of his wife’s remains for the last six years.

According to Mclaughlin, the corpse of the woman, born in 1953 was “unusually well preserved” for the length of time it had been dead.

The couple’s son told authorities his parents were devout Quakers and wanted to be buried together.

The incident happened in Salem which is famous for its history with witches and witch trials.

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