Thai officals arrest UK man for faking own kidnapping to extort money from family

Ian Day, a British tourist in Thailand’s Pattaya, was partying with mates when authorities arrived

This representational image shows a man’s hands tied in handcuffs behind his back. — Unsplash

 A British tourist, Ian Day, allegedly faked his own kidnapping to extort money from his family in the United Kingdom after running out of cash in Thailand’s Pattaya, The Sun reported.

British police arrested Day, along with fellow Brit Darren Cheeseman, 57, Frenchman Damien Roche, 50, and New Zealander Ben Cooper, 36, after the 48-year-old’s frantic relatives reported him FaceTime-ing them, as his mates held him prisoner.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sorasak Saengcha, who is leading the investigation at the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), said the man used iMessage and FaceTime to chat with his relatives in the UK.

Saengcha said: “He sent pictures of himself being attacked and then after with injuries. His friends would punch him and give him bruises on his face. He made his three friends wear masks in the videos and act like gangsters.

“He staged the kidnap and asked his family to send money. They were worried and contacted police in the UK. Interpol was informed. Interpol contacted Thai police and we traced the man. But when we arrived, they were having a party.”

This image shows Ian Days mates sitting on the floor with hands tied by Thai authorities. — Viral Press
This image shows Ian Day’s mates sitting on the floor with hands tied by Thai authorities. — Viral Press

Police Major General Montree Theskhan, commander of the Crime Suppression Division, said the four men were arrested on Saturday on charges of jointly possessing unauthorised firearms, ammunition and drugs.

He added: “Time and staff resources were spent to rescue the British man. We acted quickly because there were fears for his safety. When the police arrived, he was doing something illegal himself. He will now be prosecuted.”

Police said the men had overstayed their visas and would be deported once dealt with by the authorities. They remained in police custody last night,

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