Trump faces E Jean Carroll’s testimony with mystery marks on his fingers

Trump, who recently won Iowa caucus, flew back to New York after campaign rally in New Hampshire

Trump faces E Jean Carroll’s testimony with mystery marks on his fingers.— AFP 

Former President Donald Trump returns to Trump Tower, marked by red mystery spots on his fingers, as he braces for the $10 million defamation trial against rape accuser E Jean Carroll. 

Trump, who recently won the Iowa caucus, flew back to New York after a campaign rally in New Hampshire. captured images of Trump leaving Trump Tower with puzzling red marks on his hand.

Carroll, set to testify on Wednesday in the second federal civil trial over her claims against Trump, alleges sexual abuse in the 1990s and defamation in 2022. 

The new trial focuses on Trump’s remarks made while he was president. Trump, leading the Republican field in this year’s presidential race, participated in jury selection on Tuesday.

Trump’s defence contends that Carroll, having never been more famous, blames him for “a few mean tweets from Twitter trolls.” In contrast, Trump dismisses the case as “fabricated lies and political shenanigans,” claiming to be the victim of “attempted extortion”.

Carroll, an advice columnist, maintains that Trump’s actions deeply harmed her, both physically and professionally. She accuses him of assaulting her in 1996 and subsequently damaging her reputation by calling her a liar. 

Carroll, who testified in the first trial that she is ‘no longer believed,’ asserts she lost readers and her position at Elle magazine due to her allegations and Trump’s response.

Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, argues that Carroll seeks accountability for “a few mean tweets”, asserting Trump was “merely defending himself”. Trump denies any encounter with Carroll and did not attend the previous trial where damages of $5 million were awarded. 

Carroll now seeks $10 million in compensatory damages along with punitive damages. The trial unfolds against a backdrop of Trump’s social media declarations and Carroll’s claims of receiving violent threats from Trump supporters.

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