Trump shifts focus to New Hampshire showdown with Haley after Iowa success

Haley, who finished third in Iowa, anticipates a more favourable outcome in New Hampshire

Republican presidential candidate and former US President Donald Trump is flanked by his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump as he speaks during his caucus night watch party in Des Moines, Iowa, US, January 15, 2024. —Reuters

Following a historic victory in Iowa, Donald Trump redirected his focus towards the New Hampshire primary, where Nikki Haley aims to impede the front-runner’s momentum, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

Haley, who finished third in Iowa behind Ron DeSantis, anticipates a more favourable outcome in New Hampshire’s primary on January 23, aiming to appeal to the state’s centrist electorate.

While acknowledging Trump’s success in Iowa, Haley emphasised her prospects in New Hampshire, framing the Republican primary as a two-person race. 

She argued that Trump’s presidency had positive aspects but contended that the controversies surrounding him could hinder the GOP’s chances against President Biden in the November elections.

Trump’s rally in southern New Hampshire and Haley’s appearance in the northern part of the state indicate a head-to-head battle. Recent polls suggest Haley narrowing Trump’s lead, creating a competitive scenario. Before Iowa, polls showed Trump leading with 43%, Haley at 30%, and DeSantis at just under 6%.

Trump’s dominant performance in Iowa positions him strongly, and a convincing win in New Hampshire could eliminate competition. However, the campaign estimates that the required delegates for the nomination may not be collected until March.

The candidates challenging Trump hoped to tap into dissatisfaction, with Haley consolidating support among college-educated Republicans and DeSantis addressing concerns about a liberal takeover. 

However, Trump’s broad appeal across various voter groups, as indicated by preliminary results, presents a formidable challenge.

While concerns about school curricula were high among caucus participants, Trump’s substantial support across these voters left little room for DeSantis. 

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