Home World WATCH: Pro-Palestine protestors interrupt President Joe Biden at rally

WATCH: Pro-Palestine protestors interrupt President Joe Biden at rally

WATCH: Pro-Palestine protestors interrupt President Joe Biden at rally


Biden was interrupted at least 10 times by protesters and claimed one of them to be “MAGA Republican”

US President Joe Biden gets interrupted by pro-Palestine protestors at a rally in Manassas, Virginia. — X/@Dylan_Housman

United States President Joe Biden claimed a pro-Palestine protestor was a “MAGA (Make America Great Again) Republican” after he was interrupted at least 10 times at his rally in Manassas, Virginia on Tuesday.

The 81-year-old president was annoyed as activists flipped the script on his first joint campaign rally of 2024 with Vice President Kamala Harris, The New York Post reported.

“Genocide Joe: How many kids have you killed today?” a man carrying a Palestinian flag bellowed at Biden at the rally, which was supposed to focus on federal abortion rights.

Moments later, a female protestor shouted, “Israel kills two mothers every hour!”

As soon as protestors addressed Biden, his supporters attempted to drown out the disruptions with chants of “Four more years!” and “Let’s go, Joe!” during the president’s 19-minute speech.

“They feel deeply,” Biden said after the initial two disruptions by activists upset by Israel’s genocide in Gaza killing more than 25,000 Palestinians including over 9,000 children.

The genocide in Gaza comes after Hamas fighters’ surprise attacks on southern Israel on October 7 killing over 1,200 Israelis in response to over 70 years of Zionist occupation.

After being interrupted for a sixth time, Biden added, “This is gonna go on for a while — they’ve got this planned.”

Biden appeared to grow irritated and accused one of the protestors of being a “MAGA Republican” — despite former president Donald Trump, Biden’s likely opponent in the election, being known for his staunch support of Israel.

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans including the woman hollering,” Biden said before pausing to collect himself.

Biden said in an exasperated tone to his ninth heckler, apparently on a balcony, “Look, please, don’t jump.”

Polls show younger voters, Arab Americans and Muslim Americans strongly disagree with Biden on Gaza.

In November, thousands of protesters calling for a ceasefire vandalised the White House’s fence and pushed on the front gate. Earlier this month, protesters hurled red-paint-doused baby dolls along Pennsylvania Avenue and projected an image of Biden with the words “Genocide Joe” onto a nearby building.


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