WATCH: Woman arrested after cruising with pet lion in convertible Bentley

Video posted in December recently gained traction, receiving mixed reactions online

The video shows Sawangjit Kosoongnern’s pet lion in the backseat of a white convertible Bentley driven by her Sri Lankan friend in downtown Pattaya, Thailand. — X/@eclipsethis2003 

People often take their pets on a ride to give them a chance to stick their heads out of the car window and let the air run through their fur which onlookers find cute.

However, onlookers did not find one woman’s outing with her pet lion in Thailand amusing.

Thai police detained Sawangjit Kosoongnern after she was spotted cruising in a white convertible Bentley, with her pet lion as her Sri Lankan friend drove the vehicle.

The moment was filmed by a bystander, showing the lion wearing a chain around its neck as it sat in the rear seat of the vehicle cruising around downtown Pattaya.

The video, which was posted in December, recently gained attention, receiving mixed reactions including shock and amusement online, as reported by The Straits Times.

Although owning a lion in Thailand is not against the law, it must be properly registered but Sawangjit reportedly bought the lion illegally from someone in Nakhon Pathom province without following the necessary procedures.

She now faces charges for possessing a wild animal without permission, which could lead to a year in prison and a fine of 100,000 baht, as per The Nation.

The seller of the lion will also be charged for transporting the animal without permission.

Meanwhile, the driver, who reportedly housed the cub in his rented villa, has left the country and may face charges for bringing a wild animal into public places, carrying a penalty of six months in jail and a 50,000 baht fine.

Thailand currently has 224 legally owned lions. The videos raised concerns about animal cruelty and public safety.

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