Home World Why Nikki Haley isn’t dropping out of presidential race in Trump’s favour

Why Nikki Haley isn’t dropping out of presidential race in Trump’s favour

Why Nikki Haley isn’t dropping out of presidential race in Trump’s favour


“State of the Race” speech was aimed to dispel speculations about her potential withdrawal

Former Trump administration US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley campaigns for Georgia Republican candidate for US Senate Herschel Walker at a rally with supporters in Hiram, Georgia, US November 6, 2022. —Reuters

Nikki Haley, the presidential candidate, addressed the national media in Greenville, South Carolina, providing a full speech dedicated to clarifying her steadfast commitment to remaining in the presidential race, Seattle Times reported.

The event, advertised as a “State of the Race” speech, aimed to dispel speculations about her potential withdrawal and underscored her determination to continue the campaign.

Facing questions about her viability in the race and the potential lack of a mathematical path to secure the nomination, Haley asserted, “Some of you came here today to see if I’m dropping out of the race. Well, I’m not. Far from it.” During her speech, she showcased a sense of enjoyment, perhaps relieved to convey her thoughts about Donald Trump and redirect national attention towards her message.

Haley, a vocal critic of Trump, clarified her intentions, stating that she sought nothing from the former president. Dismissing rumours of running for ulterior motives, such as a Plan B candidate or a post-Trump party leader, she emphasised her commitment to running for what she believes is right.

While critics speculate on her motivations, Haley remains undeterred, accustomed to overcoming challenges. Her history includes winning longshot races and defeating incumbents and political heavyweights. Despite facing opposition from the same establishment that once supported her, she remains resolute.

Recent attacks on Haley, including personal assaults on her family, have not swayed her determination. She highlighted her resolve to fight for what she believes is the right path for the country. 

Trump’s spokesperson dismissed Haley, portraying her as a candidate favoured by Democrats and Never Trumpers suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Haley’s emotional speech addressed the personal toll of the campaign, notably the attacks on her family. She presented her decision to stay in the race as a principled stance, offering voters an alternative to the perceived unsatisfactory choices. 

She argued against quitting early, envisioning a chaotic future for the country with a prolonged general election period.

Despite the recent anti-Trump rhetoric from Haley, who has challenged Trump on various fronts, her motivations for continuing the campaign remain a subject of speculation. 

Observers note the potential benefits of Haley’s prolonged campaign, including the elevation of her national profile and the building of infrastructure for future endeavours. 

As she persists through Super Tuesday, the financial backing from anti-Trump donors continues to fuel her efforts, emphasising that candidates run out of resources rather than reasons to run.


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