Hamza Ali Abbasi opposes ‘item numbers’ in resurfaced interview | The Express Tribune

In a recently resurfaced video, renowned Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi was seen taking a strong stance against item number songs, igniting a viral debate across social media platforms. The video, featuring Hamza, Hania Aamir, and Ahad Raza Mir in conversation with Momin Ali Munshi, captured the actor’s candid disapproval of item numbers.

Unequivocally expressed his disapproval, Hamza said, “I don’t support item numbers.” He added, “An item number [simply consists of] sexually provocative lyrics and sexually provocative clothes. That’s it. It’s very easy to define.” Hania affirmatively chimed in agreement.

Hamza furthered on exasperatedly, “Now don’t do this that there is a thin blurry line between vulgar and hot and sexy.” At this point, Hania interjected, saying that if the discussion is taking place, they should “talk about it.” Hamza then went on to ridicule talk shows for their line of questioning regarding choosing between stars in absurd, hypothetical situations. 

When Momin traced back to the issue at hand, saying that overtly sexual songs should be put aside, Hamza said, “Then that’s not an item number. Then it’s a song.” When asked for examples, Hamza said, “Aa supari hoon, chaba le mujhe – what does it mean? Main tutti fruiti hoon, kha le mujhe. Main billi hoon, noch loongi – aren’t these sexually implicit?” He added, “We’ve reassured ourselves by saying one is hot, one is vulgar, one is sexy – there is no such line.” In the circulating clip, Ahad remained a silent observer, crossing his hands over his chest as the brief discussion ensued.

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