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Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra, who recently ventured into the realm of singing, faced both praise and criticism after sharing a video from her inaugural live singing performance on Instagram. The video showcased Parineeti singing Farida Khanum’s classic, Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo.

The star shared the video of her rendition of the song with the caption, “My nana’s favourite song.” She used the hashtags Despite expressing that the song holds sentimental value, the actor received mixed reactions from netizens, with some lauding her effort and others offering critiques on her singing skills.

Aaj gaane ki zid an karo (Don’t insist on singing today),” wrote one Instagram user in the comments, using wordplay that tied in the name of the song. “Have you even ever taken singing lessons? Do you do riyaaz every morning? For god’s sake!” said one exasperated user of the photo-sharing app. “Nana maaf nahi karenge (Nana won’t forgive you,)” said another. “After seeing this, I am confident that I can also sing,” said yet another.

“Lata MatGayaKar,” wrote one user, employing wordplay that utilised Lata Mangeshkar’s name. “Wow what a voice (don’t do this again),” commented yet another user. Another user of the app stated, “Your voice is precious, please keep it to yourself only.” Hopping aboard the bandwagon, one Instagram user commented, “Hater’s gonna hate, and I’m with the haters.”

Parineeti had announced her singing debut earlier in January, expressing her excitement about embarking on a musical journey alongside her acting career. The actor performed her first live singing act at the Mumbai Festival 2024, previously sharing snippets of her vocal talent with fans. Despite the online feedback, Parineeti remains passionate about her newfound musical pursuit, emphasising the joy and challenges that come with embracing this creative chapter in her life.

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