Home Lifestyle Rahat Fateh Ali Khan explains viral assault video | The Express Tribune

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan explains viral assault video | The Express Tribune

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan explains viral assault video | The Express Tribune


Social media is ablaze with reactions following the emergence of a controversial video depicting Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan assaulting a personal employee. The video, which quickly went viral on various social media platforms, has ignited widespread public outrage, prompting heated discussions about the responsibility of public figures and the severity of the alleged actions.

In response to the escalating controversy, Rahat released a video attempting to address the incident. In the video message, the singer presented his employee, Naveed Hasnain, and Naveed’s father, Nafees Ahmed, attempting to portray their relationship as one based on mutual respect and affection. 

“The videos you’re watching are a personal matter between a mentor and his pupil…When a pupil does something well, we show them appreciation. In case of a mistake, we punish them as well,” he stated in the video. Despite Rahat’s attempts to downplay the incident as a disciplinary matter between a ‘mentor and his pupil,’ public sentiment remains deeply critical.

Online commentators have also expressed scepticism over the singer’s assertion that the bottle requested in the video contained water blessed by a pir. “After ill-treating his employees, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is giving candy and lollipops to his viewers and the world. He is lying also that it was Spiritual Water,” wrote one critic on X, formerly Twitter. 

“It can be heard clearly in the video, which I shared earlier that he was asking for a liquor bottle and began beating his employees mercilessly,” the X user further alleged before issuing a boycott call against Rahat. Another echoed similar sentiments, “What a disgusting clarification by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. As per his statement, the bottle had water blessed by a pir sahib. We’re not going to believe that.”

One post expressed surprise that Rahat thought his response would be well-received. “Bro really thought he could script the whole thing and call it dam ka pani and get away with it. How delusional are you?” The attempt to frame the incident as a mere misunderstanding between mentor and pupil has invited scrutiny as well, with many arguing that such behaviour is unacceptable, regardless of the relationship dynamics. 

According to one netizen, Rahat’s clarification betrays a harmful view of teacher-student relationship. “Torturing your worker and then defending that horrible act by giving examples of a teacher and a student is the worst thing one can do. Is it ok for teachers to beat their students? What kind of world are you living in?”

Naveed’s defence of Rahat, characterising the incident as a misunderstanding and praising the singer’s ‘paternal affection,’ has also faced backlash online. One X user insisted, “As if the original video of him torturing his employee wasn’t bad enough, the explanation is even worse! Using the poor man as a prop and implying that having an ‘ustad- shagird’ (mentor-pupil) equation excuses or allows for violence and abuse!”

However, one post maintained that the recent incident is part of a bigger, worrying pattern. “How many times do we see this? Then after a day or two of outrage on social media, these ‘superstars’ get idolised again, making them more invincible and the cycle continues.”

Another user articulated a similar reaction to the incident. “Regrettably, the video is sadly not surprising, reflecting the disturbing reality of daily abuse faced by domestic workers. Entrenched classism and casteism among the elite exacerbate the plight of informal workers, with inadequate state protection,” the X user wrote.

Among many former fans taking to social media regarding Rahat’s video, one shared how they must part ways with the singer’s “lovely music,” adding, “Watching a man who comes from the tradition of Sufi music, beat someone who works for him so mercilessly means I and many others have to cancel his music.”

One critic put a spin on a medicinal brand that carries Rahat in its advertisement, “Kartoot Siah” (black deeds), before calling the singer’s actions “disgusting and shameful”. The post added, “People like him lecture us on ethics and manners but this is what they do in real life. He should be punished for such violence. An example should be set.”

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