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Study reveals dogs love watching TV animal shows

Study reveals dogs love watching TV animal shows


Survey involving over 1,000 dog owners shows that among most devoted TV viewers were pedigree dogs, particularly labradors

A dog is seen watching television (not seen in the picture) along with the family. — American Kennel Club

Ever pondered what captures the attention of your canine companion on the television screen? 

Brace yourself for a delightful revelation that eight out of ten dogs share your enthusiasm for the telly, immersing themselves in the world of entertainment alongside you.

In a recent survey involving over 1,000 dog owners, scientists unearthed fascinating insights. Among the most devoted TV viewers were pedigree dogs, particularly labradors. 

Their programming preferences leaned towards shows featuring other dogs, nature documentaries, cartoons, and, intriguingly, cats. However, winter sports and ice skating failed to spark their interest.

A remarkable 86 percent of dog owners reported their pets as regular TV watchers. These discerning four-legged critics showcased unique tastes in content. However, a word of caution was extended regarding leaving videos on for dogs left home alone, as 1 percent exhibited overexcitement, even lunging at the screen.

A majority of dogs (72 percent) took a moment daily to glance at the screen, with the average viewing session lasting around 20 minutes. However, some heartwarming anecdotes surfaced, with owners sharing tales of their pets sitting through entire movies, actively engaging with the plot.

Delving deeper into this peculiar canine pastime, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison uncovered more mysteries. Their findings suggested that dogs might be drawn to the TV by familiar sounds such as songs, voices, or jingles. The reactions varied, with 54 percent of dogs opting for a simple stare, while 19 percent expressed their opinions through barking, howling, whining, or growling.

Intriguingly, dogs seemed to exhibit a preference for newer TVs, as reported by an owner who noticed increased interest after a family upgrade. 

So, the next time you catch your canine companion gazing at the screen, you might be witnessing their own version of a movie night. As for their viewing pleasure, it appears that man’s best friend has some discerning opinions on what constitutes good television.


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