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Veteran actor Talat Hussain is battling dementia | The Express Tribune

Veteran actor Talat Hussain is battling dementia | The Express Tribune


In a recent Instagram post by renowned Pakistani actor and host Faysal Quraishi, veteran actor Talat Hussain has been officially confirmed to be battling dementia. Known for a prolific career spanning decades, the 83-year-old icon has been a beloved figure on television, silver screen and the stage.

As reported by Express News, the confirmation has come after Faysal paid a visit to Talat with wife and producer Sana. The Fitoor actor shared a video of the visit which shows him revealing details from his upcoming film to the legendary actor and the latter’s affectionate response.

“I feel very nice. He’s a very good boy,” Talat remarked holding Faysal’s hand. The veteran star went to express his appreciation for the visit and was joined by his wife Rakhshanda Hussain who further praised Faysal. “He’s our son, remember that’s what we said when we met him on the morning show,” she gently reminded.

Faysal shared how he will be flying soon to Lahore for his upcoming film to which Talat graced with an enthusiastic response, telling everyone to “get ready for it.” In the video post’s caption on IG, the Farq star penned, “Talat Hussain’s love and prayers will always stay with me. May Allah always keep him smiling like this.” 

Sana also took to her Instagram handle with a montage of pictures from the day with the ailing actor. Accompanying the montage, she wrote a brief note in the caption relaying her sentiments. “An honour to meet the legendary Talat Hussain Sahab. I have been seeing him on TV since I was a kid,” the producer recounted. 

She furthered on, “A true luminary of the Pakistani media landscape, from his captivating dramas to his insightful writing, his contributions have left an indelible mark. Despite battling dementia, his spirit remains strong. May Allah grant him good health.”

Prior to Faysal and Sana’s visit, the veteran actor’s daughter Tazeen Hussain had shared his struggles with deteriorating mental and physical health in an interview given to a private TV channel. She divulged how her father was facing loss of memory and has been increasingly unable to remember people and their names. Tazeen requested fans to pray for her father’s recovery.

Dementia is a term used to describe a group of symptoms that impact memory, thinking, and social abilities. It is not a specific disease but rather a collective term for conditions affecting cognitive functions. The symptoms include memory loss, impaired reasoning and difficulty performing daily activities. 

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