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The emergence of a viral video on social media depicting renowned singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan inflicting severe violence on his personal employee has sparked public outrage.

In the footage, the singer, known for his melodious voice, is seen subjecting his household employee to a barrage of kicks and punches while demanding the whereabouts of his ‘bottle’.

The servant pleads for mercy as other witnesses fail to intervene, highlighting a disturbing pattern of behaviour reportedly exacerbated by Rahat’s alleged substance abuse.

In response to the controversy, the singer attempted to downplay the incident, framing it as a disciplinary matter between a ‘mentor and his pupil’.

In a video message, he introduced the employee, Naveed Hasnain, and his father, Nafees Ahmed, portraying their relationship as one based on mutual respect and affection.

Naveed, in turn, defended his mentor, characterising the incident as a misunderstanding and praising Rahat’s ‘paternal affection’.

Naveed stated the bottle in question was nothing illicit but it was water blessed by a spiritual guide. He added the releasing of the video was an act of blackmail and done to discredit Rahat.

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Despite attempts to mitigate the situation, questions regarding the appropriateness of such violence linger.

Rahat further refuted claims of mistreatment by presenting his longtime driver, Salim, as a testament to his benevolent nature. Salim affirmed the singer’s kindness and respect, emphasising a history devoid of abuse or mistreatment.

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